Scars and marks


Heard the story of a man trying to teach his son about the power of words…

He walked with the boy to a wooden post and told him to notice how smooth and unmarked the door was to the eyes and when felt.

He then took a handful of nails and pinned them solidly on the post: almost immediately after, he removed the nails.

The father felt the post and asked the boy too to feel it. The smoothness was gone, it was now rough and the nails had also left visible scars.

Turning to his boy he told him: “That is how words are too, like the nails; when you say something hurtful or untrue know that even when you apologise- no matter how immediately, you will have left a mark and broken a trust with people. Because people are like that wood, very impressionable; and they will always bear the scar or worse, a grudge.”

So take care what you say, folks. Your words will leave a mark or create a scar!

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Life…in a grain of sand.


Scoop an handful of sand, tighten the filled palm and hold it so for sometime. You’ll see most of the sand grains slip out, and you’re left with very little of the dirt. Very little. Or you could scoop up the sand, moisten it up and build a lovely sand castle. Thats how life is too. When you hold on so tight to life, it slips away unnoticed. Time will go, life will move on and you are left with little or nothing. And if you mix up your life with a little moisture that holds the granules together -the moisture of love, of friendship of dreams- you could build something more beautyful with it. So loosen up a bit, mix things up a bit, and build a fine life for yourself.

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Hello world!

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Happy blogging!

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